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MineCraft PSN Player Introductions and Rules

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Dec 18 13 10:54 PM

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Hello I am Professor Pi, and this is the introduction and rule sign off area. Once you have read the rules please post a little bit about yourself followed by that you understand the rules.

Rule One-Be at least 18+ or have an adult present with you on the Mic if you're under 16 and if your 16-17 you must have adult permission spoken over voice to me. This may seem steep, but this is to keep control of bratty kids who a lot of the times are idiotic little assholes.

Rule Two-No being a dick. This includes stealing, grieving, harassing, racial comments, sexist comments, homophobia, religious or anti-religious extremism.

Rule Three- Have fun, it is a game so in that remember games are made for people to enjoy their free time so remember to not bring stress to the game with others, while it is okay to talk things out and even ask for advice at times, don't be a negative nanny and try to drag people down.

A Little about how things work. Someone starts up a world, they make set times of when they will be on, people come online and play on that world or on another persons world. Anyone can do this, I will have my own world running a lot of the time for people to join once we get a community going and also because I have a lot of time to kill nowadays. My PSN name is ProfessrPi not ProfessorPi but ProfessrPi since I made the profile when I was drunk and forgot the damn "o" >.> Feel free to add me.
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Dec 19 13 11:24 AM

I will have a Hard Difficulty world running, feel free to join and remember the rules. I currently do not have a MIC but will picking on up next week. Also if you find other forums for PS3 MC players let me know, I would like to see a convergence of community.

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